13 December 2012

christmas video 2012

for the squeaky wheel.
another year.

02 June 2012

Comedy Night at Hambones with Reverend Doctor.

Though I was too nervous to ask anyone to actually record the live event, I thought I should post my practice (plus some added editing) for the open mic comedy night at Pittsburgh's wonderful smoke free (except for the bartender) bar, Hambone's. In addition to this lovely piece of comedy which you can view below/ above there was a great comic who hated working at Peppi's and another who only wanted to see the Progressive woman double penetrated. Oh! And a professional Gene Simmons look-a-like was in the audience for a short time. The muppet's name is Reverend Doctor. He has an issue matching his words to his lips.


18 December 2011

the holidays part II

and here is my holiday video! it's definitely probably about time for a post from me...

holiday video from goda on Vimeo.


14 December 2011

The Holidays as seen by me and the Squeaky Wheel Audience

I have made this video.
There was some struggle and some aid. The struggle is less important to share, but the aid should be mentioned. Thank you Warren Wilson free store for the slim pickin items.
Also I apologize for the lack of black at the beginning, who needs it though?

Enjoy and happy holidays

For larger screen, perhaps check out youtube or click that full screen button


01 December 2011

Things I learned in the past 24 hours from the internet

In the past 24 hours I've been trying to figuring a number of things and the resource I've had to turn to is the internet. But that old internet lead me on quite the goose chase that took me 24 hours to figure out. And I figured out I was chasing a goose.

So here's what I learned

1. If you have final cut pro 5 and need to upload AVCHD files don't try to get FCP 7 because it comes as a .toast file. And what the hell is a .toast file? Well, it's a file that needs to be opened with a program called Toast. And then you realize Toast only works on a higher version of Mac OSX. So if you got FCP 5 and AVCHD files just get Clip Wrap. Don't read forums.

2. Flaked Rye vs. Malted Rye for beer brewing. Both are pretty easy to use as long as your brew supplier has a mill, which I would imagine all do because even ones at flea markets do (nice work Brooklyn Brew Supply) and both add to your gravity. Their tastes are different and flaked adds a lot of body and flavor. Don't read forums and don't trust drunk brew suppliers.

Sorry I have no media to upload. But just wanted to say a bit. I'll work on some media.


23 October 2011

hairy twat's hidden gem

I'll be brief. I've been sorting through and cleaning out my itunes and in that process I've found some real hidden gems and here is one about breakfast in bed by none other than MC Hairy Twat.

Two Stars.

Click HERE for Kool Aid

or listen at the bottom with that black bar thing

and warning: it does use graphic language. adult graphics


18 August 2011

I'm out of ideas

This was supposed to be for something else, but then thanks to a good friend and a book I was swayed to post it here. I think this is fortunate for the initial source because well, it's not the best. And I'll say this as well, the good friend, Dylan, is a good, good man. The book, Wild Nights (from Dylan's dad) is one I mention with caution and recommend for reading when stranded with little literature on the beach, though it has some very helpful points.

Anyway, without much further adieu a video "I'm out of Ideas"
and I'll say saying Fire backwards is impossible.


19 June 2011

songs for a decade

I don't know what that title means.
But here are some songs I wrote about things that mean a lot to me.

You can listen to them (maybe) by using that thing at the bottom of the page, the black bar, the streampad, but you may just hear missy elliot.

Or you can download them at the links below (you know save link as...)
There's one about facebook
And one inspired by Tom Waits himself.


there has been complaint of not understanding the lyrics to the latter.
so they are...
tight jeans and a betty boop
there's a hooker on the corner and she's loose
smoking her methols for her gooch
tj and bb
there's a fag in my pocket and a condom too
17 dollars for a look at you
tj and bb
i'm gonna take a dip in your body like fondue
there's a dog in my pants and it wants you
tj and bb
there's an alley over there with a blocked view
i got breasts and so do you
tj and bb
tj and bb